Candle Sizes and Dimensions

Height  Depth and Width. Dimensions are in Inches (approx measurements)

20 oz Jar  H 5" D 3.5" W3.5"

12 oz Jar H 4" D 3" W 3"

8oz Jar H 3.7" D 2.5" W 2.5"

6 oz Jar H 2.6" D 2.6" W2.6"

Small Bubbly Bubble Candle H1.5" D1.5" W1.5"

Big Bubbly Bubble Candle H2.5" D2.5" W2.5"

Cube Bubble Candle H2.5" D2.5" W2.5"

Piece of Cake Candle H2.5" D 2" W 2"

Rosy Roses Candle H 2.5" D 2" W 2"

Doggy Candle H 2" D 2.5" W 3.5"

Lucky Dragon Candle H1" D2.3" W2.3"

Home Decor H5" D5.5" W5.5"

Calacatta Candle H5" D4.8" W4.8"

Floral Bowl Candle H4" D6" W 6"

Wax Melts H1" D3" W4.5"

Floral Wax Melter H 4" D3.5" W3.5" Opening for tea light H2" W2"

Sun and Moon Wax Melter H3.7" D3.6" W3.6" Opening for tea Light H3" W3"

Small tea light for Wax Melter HDW 1"

Buddha Head HDW 1.5"